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A Glimpse Into The Consultant Life

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Reeshemah here…

I spent the past few weeks juggling my clients in different ways to ensure they get the attention they need and that their expectations are always met. It is essential to me that I provide service by being consistent, punctual, and available so that they feel influential and respected.

Within the past few weeks, I had several in-person client meetings, and I also maintained communication with several other clients I supported through emails, calls, and video chats. I try my best to coordinate my schedule to allow me to be present for my clients when they have issues that arise within their organization.

I am, after all, the solution finder, and if I'm not creating equitable solutions…

…then what am I doing? Right?

Of course, that is what you do as a consultant. I have to say I think it’s slightly different when you are in the role of “holding space” for complex and charged conversations around inequities of marginalized people.

So the question that is asked is…

How do you show up 100% for others when it’s your tenth conversation about why INCLUSION is imperative for your organization?

I’ll tell you…

Because it’s the right thing to do, and performative inclusion will not sustain you…

…and your employees will begin to call for action – if they haven’t already.

Truthfully, I found myself spent by day three after all the conversations, meetings, travel, hotels, etc., that I have once again become part of my daily life.

I prefer introversion, so I must take time to re-energize and prepare for new engagements. I have to quiet my mind and process my feelings. Self-care means quiet time – no emails or technology. Deep breaths, walking outside or hitting the treadmill. I have to say, I am not a fan of the treadmill, but sometimes, when traveling, it’s my only option!

With some much-needed “me” time, I’m then ready for the following conversation on creating equitable solutions for clients. I have a clear mind and am recharged to provide my expertise with passion.

So I would like to open this up for discussion…

I’m curious to know what you do to re-energize yourself after heavy and long conversations and how you keep yourself motivated.

Comment below and share with me your process; I would love to hear how some of you stay committed to your cause.

Answer this…

What’s your success routine?

PS - Click here for a coaching inquiry or consultation session on how I can support you.

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