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Congratulations on your choice to invest in your growth!


As an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF), our Founder & Principal Consultant works with highly-motivated individuals like you to explore, define and achieve specific goals that lead to a more fulfilling life. 


Some executives use our leadership development services to land a senior-level or C-Suite position. Others seek to improve their ability to lead effectively during these challenging times. Or prepare for current and future change.


You will design a specific, actionable plan through coaching and accountability to help you succeed.


We examine and develop strategies to address needs and unfolding challenges along the way.

Executive COACHING

  • Goal setting and strategy development

  • Action planning

  • Building confidence and improving self-awareness

  • Explore navigating complex leadership challenges

  • Guidance in using self-assessments for personal growth

  • Coaching term: six months or more

  • Direct support for your career planning

  • Interview Preparation

  • Action plan toward career progression

  • Solution-orientated approach

  • Guidance in using self-assessments for personal growth

  • Coaching term: three to six months

Be BOLD & Take Action Coaching Program

  • Develop an action plan for focus area

  • Weekly accountability check-in via email

  • Access to mini-sessions (15 min calls)

  • Coaching term:  five 60 min sessions in 2 months 

  • Focused direction for Action!

Coaching-On-Demand Program

  • By request for the leader who needs specific, time-sensitive coaching

  • Coaching term: up to four sessions within 30 days

  • Focused direction for Action!

All Coaching Services are priced as a package except Coaching-On-Demand is an hourly service. Schedule a Coaching Inquiry to learn more. 

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