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OUr Purpose



EMBOLDEN Action is committed to connecting with organizations that are seeking equitable outcomes for their workplace. 
We encourage leadership to participate in solution-based strategies activelyWe partner with you to take BOLD and courageous action. 


We focus on developing leaders to examine and redefine their systems change approach to inclusivity by providing sustainable solutions and executive coaching that transforms their workplace culture.


  • We believe leaders who demonstrate an understanding and application of change management, systems change, and DEI are equipped to lead organizations and actively participate in transformative change.

  • We believe support for addressing inequities begins with leadership development.

  • Our approach to the work is to convey empathy through an equity lens and always serve as a co-creator with the organization.

  • Our best practice is to assure sustainability after the project is completed.

Reeshemah is a phenomenal partner in DEI assessments because she relies on her executive leadership experience, systems thinking expertise, and knowledge of DEI to take a holistic view of the organization's strengths and needs and build an aspirational yet realistic roadmap to guide the organization to become a more inclusive, more equitable place.

- H.B., CEO and Principal Consultant

Thank you, for your strong and direct, and very kind coaching. I felt very connected to the business case for various reasons and appreciated your getting me to honor those feelings by truly owning my part. You totally rocked.


- P.H., Senior Director, Human Resources

"Reeshemah is a gifted DEI practitioner and is always relevant and effective in her facilitation style. She brings a wealth of knowledge around Systems Change conversations with organizations and communities and has a holistic approach in delivering transformational DEI assessments. Reeshemah intertwines her expertise in the project management and collaboration areas which create positive outcomes and lasting results for clients."

- J. W., VP of Social Responsibility & Community Engagement

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