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OUr Purpose


Our Commitment 

EMBOLDEN Action is committed to connecting with organizations who are seeking equitable outcomes for their community and encourages leadership to actively participate in solution-based strategies.  We partner with you to create bold and courageous actions. 


We believe support for thriving communities begins with leadership development.  Leaders that demonstrate an understanding and application of community engagement, systems change and diversity, equity & inclusion are equipped to lead organizations and actively participate in community transformation.

Our Services

EMBOLDEN Action is experienced in providing: 

  • Community Engagement

    • Strategy Development for organizations

    • Curriculum Development for staff & volunteers

    • Facilitation for staff, volunteers, & community groups

  • Systems Change

    • Strategy Development to address complex issues

    • Change Management & organizational development

    • Systems Thinking Tools & Resources

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    • Strategy Development for equitable outcomes

    • Culture Change Transformation

    • Capacity Building 

    • Facilitation

    • Intercultural Development Inventory®

  • Leadership Development