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  1. Are you looking for a more personalized leadership Development program?

  2. Do you need help with defining your leadership style?

  3. Has your supervisor or respected colleague expressed that you must influence more (i.e., show up more or lead differently, or a variation)?

  4. Can you succinctly define executive presence for yourself and your current role? 

  5. Do you have a clear action plan to support your development beyond the standard HR format? 

  6. Have you done every training program but walked away wondering how to take action? 

Here's what I know to be true: You are a successful leader, deeply committed to personal development, and consistently experiences tangible results. Working with an executive coach is crucial in creating a customized accountability plan that aligns with individual goals. In my work with leaders aspiring to influence leadership spaces, I've witnessed the transformative power of this approach.


When I engaged with an Executive Coach, I developed a specific framework and enhanced my business acumen, validating the leadership style that I've successfully employed. This underscores the significance of tailored strategies and making impactful decisions.


YES to 4 or more indicates that an executive coaching partnership is what you need to help transform your leadership style. I can help you create a customized plan with your goals in mind that explore self-limitations and design a plan for leadership success.  When leaders focus on themselves, the whole team benefits!


YES to 3 or less indicates you have found some success, yet consistency is needed to launch you to the next level in your leadership journey. Working with an executive coach can do that for you. I have discovered that great leaders are constantly working on their craft! 

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