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5 Coaching Testimonials You MUST read!

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

I asked my current clients a few questions after they completed their coaching sessions with me so that I could get some feedback and hear their key takeaways.

After reading what they submitted to me, I was very gratified!

I loved hearing about their experience and how their personal and professional coaching sessions with me genuinely changed their lives for the better.

As a coach, my mission is to help people take BOLD actions that will enhance their personal and professional lives to live purposefully and to their full potential.

My goal is to make you feel confident when you choose me as your transformation coach so that I can help you accomplish your 2023 goals…


…I decided to share with you what they had to say to clarify why coaching is beneficial and can truly have a positive impact on your life!

This is what I asked, and here’s what they said…

How did things change for you through coaching with me?

“Through the Embolden Action coaching program with Reeshemah, I prioritized my business and personal goals."

“In the past, I underwent a huge job change without support; the results were devastating. Reeshemah really helped me focus on the prize and keep going, and she gave me the tools I needed to succeed in my new role.”

“I rediscovered my confidence and learned tools to express my authentic voice better. I started the process looking to find clarity and accountability for taking the next steps, and I did just that - gained clarity & focus around the next steps and created accountability steps.”

“Things changed regarding how I approach situations for the better.”

What new strengths have you developed from the experience of coaching?

“My ability to create, be mindful, and set healthy boundaries.”

“I have a visualization, breathing, meditating, and journaling routine that helps me stay grounded and focused on my goal ahead while bringing staff members, residents, and community leaders alongside me.

“I have access to new tools and actionable strategies that I can articulate and pull from.”

“Balance, writing down goals, and steps to achieve them.”

“A better sense of leading, listening, and an overall new approach to ensure I exude executive presence.”

What will you do differently in your personal and professional life?

“I will continue consistently pouring into myself and making my business a priority as I grow as an entrepreneur.”

“I am more focused, intentional, and committed to my goals.”

“I am prioritizing balance and growth by creating time and spaces in my daily activities for the implementation of rest, reflection, and self-care activities.”

“I write down goals and the steps to achieve them. I am also more specific with goal setting."

“I now look at every situation or interaction as a way to choose my words carefully, listen, and ensure I am leading positively.”

Overall feedback…

“Thank you so much for being a part of my journey and helping me to reach my goals. You are awesome, and I appreciate you so much.”

“I am incredibly grateful for helping me find the leader I am.”

“This was a phenomenal experience that I feel so fortunate to have journeyed through! I

appreciated the guidance of the coaching questions and mentality. It was truly empowering to sort through my thoughts, ideas, and concerns with this method. Thank you!”

“Loved my sessions, looked forward to them, engaging and relatable.”


First and foremost, I want to thank my clients for taking the time to share this feedback with me, and I hope after reading this, I hope you have a better understanding of why coaching is beneficial for growth!

I view coaching as an accountability aid in keeping you on track but also ensuring that you have complete clarity on who you are, feel confident in your actions, and know there is purpose in your mission.

Coaching is a way to get ahead by having someone push you to be a powerful version of yourself with unique strategies created to help you succeed and achieve your BOLD goals.

I can help you create a CHANGE in your life with my proven 5-STEP EMBOLDEN ACTION PLAN.

It has helped my clients implement a positive change in their lives and thrive.

Give me a call today, and let me show you how you can transform your life.


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