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Pay It Forward

Updated: Jun 28

Greetings, leaders and change-makers!

This past April, I had the incredible opportunity to support a multicultural leadership program, which prompted me to reflect deeply on my journey of mentorship and coaching.

Before starting my business, I dedicated over two decades to a non-profit organization. During that time, I formed relationships that were pivotal in shaping my leadership and personal development.

I recall one conversation about my future in which I boldly asked, "How do I get your job?"

It was direct and to the point, sparking a mentor/mentee relationship that endured for years. I sought career advice and asked for opportunities to gain experience, and gradually, I connected with people who sought me out as their mentor or coach to support their growth.

I've discovered through mentorship so many benefits, and why I continue to champion this practice:

It’s a Win-Win: Mentorship is a reciprocal relationship. I learn as much from my mentees as they do from me, fostering a dynamic exchange of knowledge and perspectives.

Personal Satisfaction and Fulfillment: There’s immense joy in contributing to another person’s growth and witnessing their journey unfold.

Develop Transferable Skills: Mentorship helps hone valuable skills across various domains and industries.

Mutual Learning: Engaging with mentees brings fresh ideas, insights, feedback, and, often, lasting friendships.

Networking Experience: Mentorship expands your professional network, creating opportunities for collaboration and support.

Business Acumen: Being a mentor enhances your understanding of the evolving business landscape, keeping you informed and adaptable.

As a DEI strategist and executive coach, I am committed to helping leaders and organizations create inclusive workplace cultures using sustainable and equitable solutions. Book a consultation with me if you're ready to harness the power of mentorship to drive team success. Together, we can foster growth, innovation, and inclusivity in your organization.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Let’s connect!


Reeshemah Davis, ACC, CPCC, is a certified executive and leadership coach who helps you create your path toward success by understanding your strengths, acknowledging pain points, and finding beneficial solutions for change. Reeshemah helps leaders with leadership presence, increase influence, and gain clarity of purpose for navigating a complex and diverse workforce. Coaching is created to shift your perspective, direct focus, inspire new actions and redefine your personal and professional goals so that you can achieve the growth you need to succeed.


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