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Head, Heart & Hands

I recently returned from an amazing ten-day trip to Nicaragua, a beautiful time for reflection, appreciation, and future planning. This dedicated time allowed me to try new things and rejuvenate my spirit. Surrounded by stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, I had the opportunity to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life and reconnect with myself on a deeper level. Whether hiking the volcano landscape, engaging with the local community, or simply enjoying the serene beaches, every moment was a reminder of the importance of taking time to pause and reflect.

As I integrate into my routine, my primary focus is rest. I am committing to resting and honoring my needs. (Have you read Rest Is Resistance? If not, I highly recommend it). It's easy to overlook self-care in our fast-paced world, but this trip underscored its necessity. By asking for what I want in all aspects of my life, not just in work and external circles, I honor being more than an amazing consultant, executive coach, and leader. I’m also a fabulous mom, sister, daughter, friend, and partner. Embracing rest allows me to show up fully in these roles, bringing my best self to every interaction with you!

Taking time out allowed me to ask myself some important questions:

What do I think about …?

What do I know to be true?

How do I feel?

How will I make others feel?

What impact will I make?

What will I do?

These questions are not just about introspection but about setting a clear path for intentional action – BOLD Action.

The Head, Heart, and Hands concept can be a powerful approach as I continue to explore the complexities of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

  • Head: Engaging intellectually and understanding the theories and frameworks that underpin DEI.

  • Heart: Connecting emotionally, fostering empathy, and building authentic relationships that bridge differences.

  • Hands: Taking practical steps, implementing strategies, and making tangible changes that reflect our commitment to inclusion.

This holistic approach ensures that our efforts in DEI are not just theoretical but are grounded in real, impactful action that resonates on both a personal and organizational level.

I invite you to reach out if you want to engage your leaders and foster a more inclusive environment within your organization. Let’s discuss how we can partner to create impactful and lasting change.

Contact me today to explore how we can partner to elevate your organization's DEI initiatives and leadership engagement.


Reeshemah Davis, ACC, CPCC, is a certified executive and leadership coach who helps you create your path toward success by understanding your strengths, acknowledging pain points, and finding beneficial solutions for change. Reeshemah helps leaders with leadership presence, increase influence, and gain clarity of purpose for navigating a complex and diverse workforce. Coaching is created to shift your perspective, direct focus, inspire new actions and redefine your personal and professional goals to achieve the growth you need to succeed further.


If you are interested in learning more, click here.


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