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Networking the NETWORK

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Would you agree with the statement that networking is a skill?

It is!

Networking is a vital skill that can significantly impact your personal and professional life.

It involves approaching or reaching out to individuals or organizations to start conversations that can help improve your growth in many ways - if done correctly.

It promotes business development and is necessary to make and build relationships with new contacts to promote something of value.

It is an essential skill for many industries, including mine, to meet new people, exchange ideas, offer my services and find new opportunities.

I have learned that some of the ways to have strong networking skills can include the following:

● Being an active listener.

● Not being distracted and being present in a conversation.

● Communicating clearly and concisely.

● Speaking confidently and adding value with your words.

● Providing positive feedback.

● Being aware of your body language and mannerisms.

● Asking open-ended questions.

Sounds simple enough, right? Are you making these intentional steps in your networking opportunities?

The reason I bring this up is…

Networking is a big part of my life, and I consistently connect with others in person, online, at corporate functions, and at mixers from time to time.

Recently, I connected with my DEI practitioner colleagues. It was a lengthy discussion that gave me some interesting insights. I felt like I picked up some great strategies for engagement, resources, and facilitation.

I am always eager to meet new individuals and hear their thoughts and processes to become enlightened and inspired. I love learning from others and challenging my way of thinking.

I feel that it’s essential to meet and surround yourself with individuals that can add value to your life with their ideas and knowledge. To truly grow personally and professionally, you must keep learning and meeting new people that will elevate your thought process and inspire you to do more!

Who has recently inspired and motivated you, either personally or professionally?

When was the last time that you networked?

How has networking impacted your life?

Comment below and let me know!

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