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Lesson on Resilience

Resilience speaks to the capacity to weather storms and bounce back from setbacks with unwavering determination and grace. It's the backbone of effective leadership, the foundation for successful teams. And then there's the visual metaphor of a rubber band, stretching and flexing yet always returning to its original form. It's a reminder that resilience isn't just about endurance but adaptability, the ability to bend without breaking.


Reflecting on how resilience manifests in my own life, I'm reminded of the countless times I've been tested and pushed to my limits yet emerged stronger and more resilient than before. Just recently, during an interview where I was asked about my journey with resilience, I found myself recounting moments of adversity and triumph—each one shaping me into the coach and leader I am today. As I navigate the complexities of coaching executives and senior leaders, I carry with me the lessons of resilience, knowing that it's not just a quality to admire but a skill to cultivate, both in myself and those I have the privilege to support.

I'm excited to share an excerpt from my interview below:

EMBOLDEN Action, LLC was built on my resilience. At first, I was not a fan of that word – resilience – because I felt like every challenge I had in life was about being resilient, finding opportunities, and pushing my feelings down to see the strength to move forward and ignore all the noise around me.

Starting EMBOLDEN Action 3 months after my successful non-profit career ended because the entire world shut down is resilience! The anxiety and fear I had were enormous. How would I pay for my essentials and my daughter’s college – she was a freshman at the time….starting her life. I took on consultant jobs that I needed to figure out how to do. I was facilitating – which a former supervisor said needed work – and I believed him; that comment stayed in my head for years. I stumbled over words and failed to connect with the audience. I felt I was going to be done before I started.

Then I had to dig deep, I mean deep into my soul and faith and tap into resilience at the moment. I spent so much time trying new ways of “showing up” and dealing with imposter syndrome. I lost who I was for a moment and quickly realized that I had no time to spin my wheels and try 50 different ways to secure clients, put my name out there, or refine my resources multiple times.


I quickly grounded myself in my work experience and the ability to connect with senior leaders, teams, and lead teams. I was an experienced leader in the non-profit world. That is what I leveraged during my client conversations and used strategies I knew were successful in my consulting work.


I grew up in a military family. I know about changing environments. This new environment is what I know, and I challenged myself to do well. I’m glad to see myself on the other side of it, and I’m ready for the next level of demonstrating my resilience.

 Check out the full interview:


Reeshemah Davis, ACC, CPCC, is a certified executive and leadership coach who helps you create your path toward success by understanding your strengths, acknowledging pain points, and finding beneficial solutions for change. I help leaders with leadership presence, increase influence, and gain clarity of purpose for navigating a complex and diverse workforce. Coaching is created to shift your perspective, direct focus, inspire new actions and redefine your personal and professional goals so that you can achieve the

growth you need to succeed. If you are interested in learning more, click here.

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