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A Dynamic Q1 and Anticipating Exciting Opportunities Ahead!

Hello Friends!


As I take a moment to reflect on the first quarter of 2024, I am filled with gratitude and excitement. It has been an incredible journey as a consultant, executive coach, and entrepreneur for the past 3 1/2 years, and I'm thrilled to share the inspiring ventures that have unfolded.

Join me in celebrating the successes of Q1 and envisioning the impactful opportunities that lie ahead.


Evolving Change Strategies:


In the ever-shifting landscape of organizational dynamics, Q1 has been a testament to the power of evolving change strategies. I've supported organizations as they take bold action, fostering a culture of welcoming and embracing transformation.


Leadership Development:


One of the highlights of Q1 has been witnessing leaders undergo a profound change. From cultivating flexibility to adopting new perspectives and embracing innovative strategies, the leaders I've worked with have become true change catalysts within their organizations.


DEIB Strategy Development & Implementation:


Addressing the critical need for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB), I've had the honor of partnering with a client seeking guidance on embedding these strategies into their day-to-day operations. Together, we've explored the vital questions of "How do we embed this into our operations?" and "What do we do now?"—laying the groundwork for lasting change.


Equity-Focused Systems Change:


Project support in Q1 extended to initiatives focused on systems change with an equity lens. It's been incredibly rewarding to contribute to organizations committed to dismantling inequities within their structures, fostering environments where every individual's voice is heard and valued.


A few upcoming projects I’m looking forward to are:


Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI®) Debriefs:


Cultural competence is key to fostering inclusive environments. Q2 will facilitate Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI®) debriefs, providing individuals with valuable insights into their ability to navigate cultural differences. These sessions are instrumental in promoting understanding and unity.


Thought Partnership for Board Development:


As a thought partner in board development, the focus on DEIB has been invigorating. I look forward to these types of engagements because change must include those that hire CEOs.  Together with boards, crafting strategies that reflect the diversity of perspectives needed for robust decision-making ensures organizations are truly representative.


Embracing 2024 and Beyond:


As we celebrate the successes of Q1, I am excited about what 2024 has yet to offer. The journey continues, and I invite you to be part of it. If you're seeking transformative change, a fresh perspective, or guidance on your DEIB journey, my business is here to support you.


Thank you for joining me in celebrating Q1 2024. This will be one of many celebrations. I’m not waiting to celebrate the work because…. Well, why should I wait?! I love my clients and the work that I do. Celebrating their accomplishments and the work keeps me motivated. (Plus, isn't happiness an antidote for stress!)


The best is yet to come, and I look forward to collaborating, inspiring, and achieving even greater heights together. Reach out, and let's make the rest of 2024 a remarkable journey of growth and success!

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