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Summer Success: Seamless Company Management During Vacation Season

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

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Summer is in full swing, and it’s that time of the season when most employees begin to plan the relaxing or adventurous getaways that they've been dreaming about. We have about seven weeks left! Now, as exciting as summertime can be, it could also be a tightrope walk for executives as there's a good chance that everyone has vacations on their minds.

So, what does that look like?

Your workplace is a little emptier than usual since you're short-staffed. This might also cause you to wonder how you will keep the business wheel turning efficiently with so many of your top-producing employees away on paid leave.

It’s OK - there’s nothing to fear if you are prepared!

Now, instead of letting the summer heat cause an unexpected business meltdown, let me share some helpful strategies that can keep your business operation sailing smoothly, even if half your team is out drinking margaritas. Here’s what you must do so your company's day-to-day operation doesn't skip a beat.

1. Plan Ahead Get ahead of the game by asking your team to share their vacation plans early, within two weeks of their departure date, with no exceptions. This heads-up lets you grasp who’s available so you can arrange the deck chairs accordingly. If necessary, hire a temp to fill a short-term position to ensure all duties are completed as needed.

2. Make Cross-Training Your Mantra Train your team members to wear different hats so that if one of your crew members is out vacationing, another can easily take on the responsibilities without a hitch. Plan for a plan b to ensure you can cover every office position in case something goes wrong.

3. Embrace Remote Work The aftermath of the pandemic has normalized the work-from-home environment, which many businesses have adapted into their current operation. Why not consider flexible or remote work arrangements if it works for your business? This way, your team can juggle between discovering ancient tombs and spreadsheets. Trust that your staff can manage their time accordingly and complete deadlines.

4. Adjust Your Goals (Just for the Summer) Remember, even businesses need to take a breather. Consider lowering your goals and expectations for the summer, not as an excuse to slack off but as a natural response to the seasonal ebb and flow in your team's availability.

5. Communication: Your North Star It's important to keep conversations flowing with your team. Regular check-ins, a shared calendar, and a quick daily huddle can ensure everyone's clued in and tasks are moving forward as planned.

6. Let Technology Do the Heavy Lifting Take advantage of tech helpers like project management tools that can consolidate your team no matter where they are. The goal is to keep your team's conversations fluid so that you can get project updates in real-time - I suggest Slack.

7. Delegate Like a Pro Delegation is more than just offloading tasks. It's about trusting your team and not micromanaging, allowing them to step up. Remember, every hurdle could be a hidden opportunity for your team to grow.

8. Don't Forget to Recharge Reminder, leaders aren't machines. You need your downtime and summer holiday time off, so don't forget to schedule a trip to recharge your battery. When you're renewed and refreshed, you're in prime condition to lead your team through any season - summer, fall, winter, or spring.

Keeping your business on an even keel when the summer season rolls around might feel like you're spinning plates while walking a tightrope. However, with these trusty strategies in your arsenal, you'll transform this juggling act into a triumphant performance. A performance where you and your team end up standing in the winner's circle, no matter how intense the summer sun might be.

After all, summer is about making waves, and who says your business can't join the fun? Here's to a summer of success!

Every season, with its challenges and opportunities, brings a chance to strike a new balance, find new strategies, and create a rhythm that works for you and your team. So, as we welcome the summer, let's embrace the chance to grow with confidence and cheer.

Let’s connect to develop a strategy to keep your team connected and working effectively during the summer season.

Happy Summer!


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