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Real Change: Messy. Disruptive. Uncomfortable

These days, my mind returns again and again to this question: What do we need to do differently to create meaningful, lasting culture change?

At some point, we must overcome hesitancy.

Real change is hard. It's messy and disruptive. It's uncomfortable. It's no wonder why organizations are hesitant to undertake it, even when it's the right thing to do.

They shy away from hard conversations, perhaps. Or, they support culture change initiatives only to a certain point. Organizations may invest in a systemic change initiative, for example; but fall short in training their managers, allocating resources, or otherwise sustaining the effort over the long term.

Perhaps the real question is: what do we need to do differently to build confidence and courage in our leaders?



Community engagement starts on the individual level. Anyone can get active in the struggle for systemic change.

Check with your school PTA, your church, your favorite non-profit, or some other type of community. Ask your friends who they support.

Your time and effort will improve your community. And, if you are like me, your service will boost your mental and spiritual health, too.



As you consider your change efforts, and build your strategy, remember systems are built to be self-sustaining.

They will fight to preserve the status quo.

Be sure to include “Listen for and address resistance to change” as key objectives in your project plan.

Adjusting your project goals based on what you hear from resistant voices helps your change become more meaningful and sustainable.

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