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Empathy. Adaptability. Accountability. Forward thinking.

Empathy. Adaptability. Accountability. Forward thinking. These are essential qualities for leaders during these times of social unrest and change. To show you what I mean, let’s begin with empathy.

Empathy is about listening closely with an open mind. It expands our understanding of issues and needs. For some, empathy fuels our commitment to improve our communities and bring positive change to our organization.

Adaptability calls us to adjust priorities, goals, resources and staffing to meet the needs uncovered by empathy. It keeps your organization nimble.

Accountability might be the most uncomfortable. Putting aside your pride to admit you need help or made a mistake builds trust with your team. It also helps others feel more comfortable getting the help they need in similar situations.

Forward thinking means identifying trends, investigating underlying causes, and developing well-researched, persuasive arguments for long- term plans.

I’ll be taking a closer look at these essential leadership qualities regularly on LinkedIn. I hope you will follow along and join the conversation.



When leadership development opportunities arise, look to early adopters. These highly-adaptable people will be the first to embrace change. Their passion and conviction can sway the hesitant or skeptical.

Make sure to include a change resistant person on the project team. They can point out blind spots and potential stumbling blocks. Their insight may also help uncover root causes and systemic issues that need to be addressed.

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