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Difficult Conversations Lead To Change

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

It’s never easy having a difficult conversation, no matter the topic.

People have difficulty stepping up to the plate and voicing that changes need to be made.

If you are a c-suite executive or in any leadership position, you are faced with more significant decisions that can make a huge impact, so when things are brought to your attention, decisions must be made.

I recently had a client who had some big choices and sought advice.

I spent some time discussing some realistic options and laid down the truth…

● Keep your system as is, and don't anticipate much growth.

● Change a few levers within your systems and expect a few changes.

● Dismantle your system to build another one and see massive results.

Systemic change generally requires BOLD adjustments or transformations in the policies, practices, power dynamics, social norms, and leadership mindsets that underlie the societal issue at stake. It often involves the collaboration of a diverse set of players and can take place locally, nationally, or globally.

I shared that making a few adjustments within the infrastructure would not get them where the leader wanted to be.

A FULL system change will 100% enhance their operations and create more equality within the organization.

Here’s the thing, we all have an advantage and a disadvantage based on our vantage point within the system.

For some, the system is built with YOU in mind and the privilege you carry or the power you impose within the system.

We had this discussion with all types of viewpoints...

...By examining our privilege within the system, perceived power, dominant US culture, and how they all influenced the design.

It was a great conversation, and I have to say, I enjoyed it!

I was challenged, and the leader was challenged, making for a GREAT conversation.

The thing is…

I firmly believe that CHANGE creates growth in many aspects of an organization, from leadership to staff to customer retention. Your success is a matter of how many lives you change, how impactful your mission is, and how strong your internal process functions. That all leads to how fast your company grows.

We left the discussion with a better understanding of their system and how this new insight helps them determine action steps toward the outcomes they seek.

Four points to remember:

  • Have difficult conversations with your team.

  • Determine the pain points.

  • Realize that change must be made.

  • Decide that it’s time to evaluate to elevate.

…and schedule a call with me to help you figure out the next steps you need to take to create a system change in your organization.

Comment and let me know the ONE thing you feel could enhance your operation.

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