Systems Change


Our Approach

Being a leader in systems change means to focus on equitable outcomes for everyone.  


Systems change is the WHY of the work ahead and the HOW of change.  At EMBOLDEN Action, we explore new ways of thinking about the self-and organizational-journey.  


Systems change requires longevity and an holistic approach.  Identifying leverages and opportunities for small yet impactful change leads to learned behavior and alignment of diverse thoughts and ideas which help to impact the system. 



  • Create and develop systems-change curriculum 

  • Coordinate learning circles and other educational experiences

  • Establish comprehensive frameworks to incorporate community engagement, equity, systems thinking and change

  • Investigate current systems and recommend change strategies

  • Investigate, advocate for, and recruit underrepresented voices in systems change strategic planning



Build a National Community Engagement Framework

  • In partnership with national non-profit senior leaders and staff, established a comprehensive
    and flexible framework incorporating community engagement, equity, systems thinking,
    and systems change

Address Place-Based Equity

  • Liaison to community advisory committee

  • Advocacy at state legislation to address housing tax credits to benefit the community

  • Connections and capacity building with local stakeholders to establish program services


Develop Virtual Curriculum

  • Created systems change curriculum for non-profit agencies delivered virtually


Facilitate Systems Dynamics Learning

  • Plan and coordinate learning circles with Washington State University at St. Louis 

Contribute to Systems Change Thought Leadership

  • "Systems Change with an Equity Lens"presentation, March 2021, Non-profit Changemakers Thought Leadership conference

  • “Systems Thinking with an Equity Lens” Workshop, YMCA of the USA, National Diversity & Inclusion Conference

  • “Partnerships With Purpose:  Housing for Texans” Panelist, 2017 Texas Association of Local Housing Finance Associations Conference 

"Reeshemah is a tremendous self-Starter who thrives on change; an astute navigator through complex issues; an outstanding

project manager."

- Senior Director, national

Non-profit Organization