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What is a DEI Strategy Development Plan and how can it benefit your organization?

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

I always get this question asked, so I am taking to the blog to provide some clarity.

DEI stands for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, a process that improves organizational performance in all aspects of a company structure. This includes diverse thought at all levels of the organization, providing equitable processes and procedures, and creating an inclusive environment for ALL.

I advocate for creating change in how businesses function, and I believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion should be embedded in how organizations operate successfully.

Embolden has created a proven and effective DEI Assessment & Strategy Plan which can optimize your organization and create growth for your leadership team, create a diverse culture, and provide equitable solutions.

With over 20 years of experience, I will conduct a strategic assessment and execute a calculated strategy to strengthen your organization.

EMBOLDEN Action can…

  • Evaluate your current progress and analyze your operation.

  • Build a business case for a multicultural program.

  • Create and develop a systemic culture change curriculum.

  • Provide content for change management within an equity lens.

  • Facilitate DEI content for clients of non-profit agencies.

  • Connect you with diverse individuals to design and conduct a conversation and plan that makes a difference in an individual's performance and experience.

  • Established a mentorship program to support multicultural staff.

  • Develop a custom and strategic DEI plan with provided proper documentation.

  • Monitor and consistently communicate progress from an implemented DEI.

When people feel they belong, I believe they create solidarity and more substantial ties to teams, departments, organizations, and the community.

Embolden Action has created a positive and noticeable change in high-profile organizations throughout the years and can help you gain progress starting today.

Make the decision to create change for your organization by scheduling a quick consultation today, where we will provide you with complete transparency and answer all your questions.

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