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Transformational Curiosity

In the consulting realm, the term "consult-coach" might not be new, but its essence is timeless and profoundly impactful. It’s a concept shared with me over the years, resonating deeply and becoming the cornerstone of my approach as EMBOLDEN Action, LLC's Founder and Principal Consultant.

As I delve into the intricate world of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategy, executive coaching, and cultural and leadership assessments, I wear the dual hats of consultant and coach with pride, enthusiasm, and a touch of curiosity.

Understanding the Consult-Coach Approach:

At EMBOLDEN Action, our focus is clear: DEI strategy and implementation, executive coaching, and comprehensive cultural and leadership assessments. But it's not merely about offering services; it's about embodying a mindset—a consult-coach mindset. This approach, rooted in inquiry, curiosity, and a genuine appreciation for individual diversity and collective discovery, guides every interaction and decision we make.

A Coach's Mindset in Consulting:

My background in senior executive management and business consultancy sets me apart in this multifaceted role. These experiences provide me with a unique lens through which I view challenges. When I approach consulting projects, I bring the discerning eye of a coach, coupled with a deep understanding of operations and real-life leadership development. This fusion of skills enables me to listen actively, comprehend intricacies, and offer tailored solutions that resonate with an organization's core.

Perfecting the Bold Approach:

Over the years, my journey with EMBOLDEN Action has been a fascinating exploration, marked by diverse clients across various industries and locations in the US. These interactions have been invaluable, shaping what I proudly call "THE BOLD APPROACH." This deliberate, five-step outline is more than just a methodology; it’s a philosophy. It’s about engaging authentically, challenging the status quo, and co-creating sustainable success.

The Consult-Coach Edge:

The consult-coach approach is my compass, guiding me to think beyond conventions and tailor each engagement uniquely. It's about stepping outside the box, seeing challenges from varied perspectives, and crafting solutions that are effective and enduring. This personalized touch, rooted in the consult-coach mindset, ensures that our efforts translate into meaningful, long-lasting impact.

The Key: Leveraging the Role of a Consult Coach:

Being a consult coach isn’t just a role; it's a responsibility. It’s about empathetically understanding the client’s needs, asking the right questions, and offering guidance that empowers them to navigate change and growth. It's about fostering a collaborative environment where clients feel heard, valued, and understood.

In conclusion, the consult-coach approach is not just a strategy; it's a commitment to transformation. It’s about embracing every project with open curiosity, profound empathy, and a genuine desire to catalyze positive change. As I continue this enriching journey with EMBOLDEN Action, I am reminded daily of the transformative power of the consult-coach mindset. It's not just a way of consulting; it's a way of transforming lives, one client at a time.

Can the consult coach approach support your organization’s work or leadership development?

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