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Journey to Ghana

Reflections on Growth, Legacy, and the Essence of Black History


Last year, I penned a blog post celebrating the remarkable journey of being a Black Woman Business Owner during Black History Month. Preparing for this month’s blog, I reflected on a profound experience over the past holidays.


Amid the ongoing challenges against diversity, equity, and inclusion, it is crucial to make this post personal. As a Black woman, I take immense pride in my strides and accomplishments. Last Christmas and New Year holidays marked a pivotal moment in my life as I embarked on a 10-day adventure to Accra, Ghana, one of my dream destinations.

The joy of sharing this experience with my daughter magnified the journey's significance. While we've traveled together before, this international escapade, filled with cultural richness, was a milestone of epic proportions. Stepping onto African soil, I felt a profound connection to my roots and the heritage that defines me.


The realization of this connection finally hit me around the third day in Accra. The beauty of the people, the delectable cuisine, and the stunning beaches were captivating. We explored the local tourist attractions, relishing the treats of sunsets by the beaches. However, the experience took a humbling turn when we visited the Cape Coast and toured the dungeons where my ancestors were once held in captivity. Walking through the buildings and standing in the dark cavernous cells, absorbing the stories of resistance and the heartbreak of families torn apart, left an indelible mark on my soul.


What made this journey even more transformative was being surrounded by black and brown individuals in the majority. In my day-to-day life, I often find myself as the only person of color or the lone woman in various spaces. In Accra, every facet of my experience was shared with people who looked like me. My daughter, too, noticed this shift, expressing her acceptance and relief of not having the weight of difference in America.


A significant highlight during my time in Accra was stumbling upon a conference on economics within Africa hosted in our hotel. Seizing the opportunity, I delved into sessions on business development, absorbing insights on creating income streams within communities, advocating for change, and navigating systemic shifts. As I listened attentively to discussions on economic empowerment and system change, I couldn't help but feel reinvigorated and inspired for the journey ahead.  Even while on vacation, opportunities surround me to connect with my purpose and my love for myself as an entrepreneur, consultant, and coach.  What a beautiful moment!


Life demands moments of pause and reflection. Spending quality time with my daughter, my favorite person in the world, against the backdrop of Africa's profound beauty has been nothing short of life-changing.


In the face of adversity, these experiences remind us of resilience, heritage, and the importance of embracing our stories. This Black History Month, let us acknowledge the challenges and celebrate the personal and collective victories that shape our narratives and pave the way for a more inclusive future.


Happy Black History Month!



I am a DEI Strategist Consultant and Executive Coach. I focus on guiding leaders to analyze and redefine their approach to workplace inclusivity. I provide sustainable solutions and coaching aimed at transforming workplace culture. 

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