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How can EMBOLDEN Action benefit your organization?

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

We create change, and change is what you need to get growth for your organization.

The EMBOLDEN Action approach is a strategic five-step program that will evoke change that yields equitable solutions. In just five steps, you will embark on a journey of self-reflection, accountability, effective system discovery, and unique DEI strategies that will require you to take bold actions for greater achievement.

Here are some stats you may not know:

  • By 2065, the U.S. will not have any single ethnic or racial majority.

  • 41% of managers state they are “too busy” to implement any kind of diversity and inclusion initiatives.

  • 85% of CEOs with diverse and inclusive cultures notice increased profits.

  • Companies with equal men and women earn 41% more revenue.

  • Racially and ethnically diverse companies are 35% more likely to perform better.

  • Diverse teams are 70% more likely to capture new markets and 87% better at making decisions.

It is our mission and we are committed to helping to develop the next generation of leaders which is a major challenge for 55% of CEOs. Here’s the thing, 63% of millennials believe they aren’t being fully developed as leaders by their employers for management positions. Also, 48% of leaders wanted outside coaching and developmental assignments to help them grow their skills outside of their day-to-day work.

EMBOLDEN Action creates solutions, structure, and a solid blueprint to ensure an effective workplace and powerful leadership for your organization.

You may ask, how is this possible and what qualities Embolden to produce results?

Founder and principal, Reeshemah Davis, has over 20 years of executive-level leadership experience and works with executives in the development of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategies. She earned her advanced degree from California State University and is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Qualified Administrator for the Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®), Intercultural Conflict Styles (ICS®), Myers Briggs® Coach, and a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach.

Reeshemah collaborated with organizations to create sustainable change is a passion for Reeshemah. She has led impactful conversations, facilitated learning solutions, and provided resources for leaders. Relying on her experience, Reeshemah has created leadership development solutions for senior and C-suite leaders. She created resources to support community engagement and system change projects. In addition, she led the national Multicultural Executive Career Advancement program for leading non-profits serving leaders across the U.S. She increased the number of multicultural staff in key leadership positions. She has demonstrated an ability to effectively manage complex operations, connect with diverse key stakeholders and advocate for system change.

She is passionate about helping others, and her goal is to help you. Here are some testimonials from past clients to ensure that you will receive exceptional results when choosing Embolden to enhance your organization.

“I love working with Reeshemah, my attitude about myself and my business has shifted in such a positive way. Her coaching style has brought insight and has helped me to develop my own unique way to apply my own knowledge and self-awareness. She has helped me to execute my plans for my business within a short amount of time with helpful insights, ideas, or questions to ponder. I truly value the work she does, it's inspiring. I feel very supported and championed while accomplishing my goals.” - L. Johnson, Entrepreneur.

“This has been an incredible investment in my personal leadership journey. Reeshemah always provides intentional and insightful coaching that holds me accountable to my stated goals and/or increases my awareness of personal blind spots and areas of growth. In just a short amount of time, she has pushed me in ways that have allowed me to show up as a better leader to others. I highly recommend these services to people who are trying to take their leadership to the next level.” - RX, Vice President of Non-Profit.

“Reeshemah was instrumental in my transition into a new organization in an industry I had never worked in. It was seamless to have her guidance in this new role in the C suite and to have her by my side to be able to work through some issues that I needed to clear up to be successful moving forward. She has taught me to be reflective daily, and to work through a lot of my demons. Reeshemah has given me the tools necessary to be able to embark on this new journey successfully.” - C.C., Chief Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity Officer.

Make the decision to get change for yourself and your business today.

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