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Community Engagement


Our Approach

Community engagement, community development, or community capacity building, slightly different terms to describe the same thing: the hard work of bringing inclusion and equity to our community.  


In today's societal climate, organizations are being challenged to engage in critical conversations and solutions about social change, equity, and a myriad of complex issues.  

EMBOLDEN Action supports leaders and organization in their efforts to build relationships and create equity in their communities.



  • Facilitate community forums and conversations

  • Create community outreach plans

  • Seek and amplify underrepresented voices

  • Build partnerships between local organizations

  • Investigate complex systems in search of leverages

  • Create frameworks for self-sustaining community programs

  • Guide non-profit leaders through strategy development and planning



Partner with local university to focus on health equity for BIPOC residents 

  • Facilitated community forums on health equity

  • Created community key stakeholder oversight committee 

  • Served as co-principal investigator on grant initiative 

Focus on Health Equity

  • Created community outreach plan to obtain participants for health equity grant

  • Established partnership with local university, hospital, and leaders to promote health equity programming 

Create National Community Engagement Framework

  • Worked with national non-profit and its senior leaders to establish a comprehensive and flexible framework incorporating community engagement, equity, systems thinking and systems change

Establish Fundraising Goals for Pastoral Engagement Committee

  • Worked with local faith leaders to establish fundraising initiatives

Contribute to Thought Leadership 

  • "Community Engagement: Who’s in My Neighborhood” Workshop, Youth Development Staff Training for non-profit

  • “Case Study: Grassroots Efforts for Community Philanthropy” Workshop, North American YMCA Development Organization

"I learned the importance of community outreach and making meaningful collaborations with other CBO's in San Francisco. She is very skilled in bringing people together to accomplish a mutually beneficial project for the community we served." 

- Executive Director, non-profit organization

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